We have a lot of exciting new features and functionality on the horizon this year with Stockpiler. A lot of development has gone into the next revision and just a few of the new features are outlined below.

Upcoming Features

  • JSON API: We are adding an additional API endpoint implemented using JSON in addition to our existing XML-RPC API. The XML API was originally designed to communicate with our Windows Mobile client running on Motorola Symbol devices but with the recent enhancements to our web client, we are looking for ways to speed up API calls. The JSON API is much more lightweight and will be functionally compatible with our XML gateway.
  • Count / Verify: The ability to more easily take regular physical inventories and make minor adjustments to inventory numbers with additional transaction logging
  • QR Code Labeling: We are migrating to a QR code labeling system for all unique items and shelving. This will allow us to store some additional information within the label that will speed up our label parsing process and in-turn provide better and more accurate performance with our API.
  • Item Types: We are creating an item type templates that will allow users to define item types with pre-set user-defined fields. All new items of a given type will inherit the default fields, but will also allow additional fields to be added.
  • Location Types: Similar to item types above, we are adding the same functionality to location types to allow for additional meta data on location entries.
  • Item / Location Maintenance: We are changing our Item and Location maintenance workflow to simplify the process of adding, removing and changing meta fields that are defined by item and location types above. We are also adding item and location tagging to provide for quick searching keywords.
  • Reporting and Printing: We are adding print batch functionality to allow you to easily search items, locations and warehouses and add their record details to a print batch to simplify the printing process. We are also adding native integration of the Dymo series of label printers for a simple, inexpensive label printed directly out of the Stockpiler web interface.
  • Manufacturing: New functionality for simple manufacturing is coming allowing you to define build kits which combine multiple items and quantities and output a different item quantity all while maintaining transaction and inventory levels. This will allow users to create a simple transactional workflow to combine raw material into a finished product.