Office furniture sellers provide consultation for furniture upgrades and layout design, removal of old furniture and delivery and installation of better product. The same companies that offer removal have the option to store and re-sell used furniture.
The logistics and facilitation of these processes are vulnerable to error and will benefit greatly from inventory tracking:

  • As sales inquiries arrive it is essential for sales staff to have access to up-to-date inventory on hand to accurately provide estimates and to best utilize inventory. Knowing what is available at all times will maximize the re-selling process.

  • Once orders are identified and layouts finalized, accurate loading and transportation of product onto and via trucks is vital. Extra trips attributable to inaccuracy results in lost time, labor, customer satisfaction, and profits.

  • As used product is removed and transported to storage facilities best results are achieved when immediately accounted for and reconciled. This maintains a perpetually correct database of marketable inventory.

Stockpiler is a location-enabled inventory tracking program. Using barcode scanners to record inventory location and transaction history, it stores your data in a secure cloud-based database. From a remote location users access their database and query data sets to report location (warehouse, vendor, truck, client), counts, and movement of inventory. Simple manipulation of this reporting functionality can inform you of what you have, where it is, where it went, how often it moves, etc. You can use it to verify your pick-ups from vendors, deliveries to customers, or storage on warehouse shelves or pallets. You will know where all of your inventory is and diminish loss or inefficiency.