Service companies schedule mobile vehicles to service customer needs on-site. To optimize profitability the vehicles should be appropriately stocked for as many appointments as are scheduled on a given day. Return trips to the central stockroom result in lost time and efficiency and less completed/paid accounts. Lost or unaccounted-for supplies will also result in lost profit. In order to keep the vehicles stocked the central stockroom must also be stocked. Accurate counts at the close of each business period will allow for accurate re-order of stock to reach par levels.

How it works:
  • The central stockroom organized by location, and as inventory arrives it will be checked into its location in the stockroom (organized in any way e.g. row, column, shelf, and bin).
  • Each vehicle is a location into which inventory is checked each morning before service departure or evening after return.
  • As the items are used on-site they are checked out of the vehicle.
  • The database knows where every piece of inventory is at all times and keeps perpetual record of what is in each location and this info can be queried at any point in time.
  • Query a central stockroom report to analyze needs for ordering additional stock.
  • Query a specific vehicle report to analyze what needs to be stocked in vehicle.
Problems solved:
Stockpiler is effective in facilitating efficiency and accuracy at four stages in this process:

  1. The central stockroom inventory can be accurately tracked and appropriately filled to par

  1. The stock agent can fill a pick-list to assure all necessary parts are in the vehicle before departure

  1. The service technician can decrement their vehicle inventory at each account to record and reconcile inventory perpetually

  1. At day’s end vehicle inventory is already up to date and a new list for the following day’s appointments can be produced and filled